Video Surveillance

Cardac Systems Inc. will design and deliver a video surveillance system which will deliver optimal supervisory control of your space! This system will help you to respond appropriately to key situations such as:

  • Do you know the activities taking place in your space last night?
  • Are you monitoring theft or damage to within your location?
  • Who tried to attack your employee in your building/parking lot last evening?
  • Did your employee ring each transaction into the till?
  • Are visitors or staff engaging in inappropriate or illegal activity in your space?

All of these situations (and many more) can be prevented and/or addressed using a properly designed video surveillance system.

The basic components of any video surveillance system we can provide typically includes:

  • A video camera & lens, which are available in different formats, resolutions and varying abilities to adjust to different light levels, including low light & no light. The power zoom & auto iris options provide the ability adjust to changing conditions and requirements.
  • Mount & housing allowing for aiming and protection of the camera and lens. Power pan & tilt units allow the camera to be remotely re-positioned, which along with remote controlled zoom can give tremendous flexibility to capture different events.
  • Image transmission as seen by each camera must go to the monitoring & storage equipment. This can involve cable (co-axial & twisted pair), fibre optics and network ( Internet) based communications.
  • Monitoring, storage & control equipment allow you to view & record the image(s). PTZ controls to control the position & zoom of the camera including, Pre-programed sweeps and targets which can be set based on time of day, motion sensing and security alarms. Recording times can be from hours to months using a suitable digital video recorder (DVR), a network video recorder (NVR) or computer based video management systems.
  • System integration, allows the video surveillance system to interact with access control & security systems to ensure alarms and events are caught on camera(s).
  • Remote viewing availability. Most video surveillance system systems now provide a vast array of options for multi-user and remote monitoring of video images (both live and stored).