Intercom and Life Safety Systems

Intercom Systems

Two-way voice intercom systems are commonly used for building access, as well as emergency response systems. Voice paging, mass notification, and nurse call systems can be found in health care facilities. Emergency notification and duress systems are often a part of public space protection plans, and sound masking is a technology that is being introduced in higher security facilities. These technologies can be interfaced with video surveillance and facial recognition; they can be hardwired or wireless; they can be configured for a single building or an entire complex.

Life Safety Systems

Life Safety is an important aspect of security systems. Some of the areas we deal with Life Safety include:

  • Deploying "Code Blue" call stations for help whether in parking lots or central areas of buildings.
  • Deploying "panic buttons" for individuals whether on their person or work station, allowing them to signal duress arising from potential threats whether they be human, a hazard of some type due to the nature of their work.
  • Deploying sensors & detectors whether for fire, gases, water levels or intrusion alarms.
  • Deploying cameras to protect against possible threats again thru various sources, human, work environment or sources that need full time (or alarm based) monitoring.
  • Assisting in developing security policies and emergency response plans to aid in training staff and others on appropriate actions given the nature of the threat.
  • Ensuring that all electronic control of access points is "intrinsically safe" and work with appropriate authorities to ensure building and amp; fire codes are complied with.