Card Access Systems

If a key to a critical area in your commercial building is lost or stolen, your only option is to rekey the area or, if it's a master key, the entire building, at a probable cost of thousands of dollars.

As well, there is a potential window of opportunity for thieves as you wait for the locksmith to arrive and rekey all of the affected locks.

Wouldn't it be easier to simply deactivate a lost card?

Card access systems are designed to give control of your space back to you!

These systems will help you to answer these "key" questions:

  • Do you know who has a key to your doors?
  • Do you know how many copies have been made of your keys?
  • Do you know who has the code(s) to your security system?
  • Do you know who entered your space last night?
  • Did that employee you just fired really lose their keys?
  • Who locked the doors last night?
  • Who armed the Security System last night?

All card access systems large and small are made up of the following:

  • An access device such as a card is given to each person or in the case of biometrics, an iris scanner for the reading of the person's biometric image.
  • A card access reader and an electronic lock are placed at each entry point and used for controlled entry.
  • A programmer or programming software is used to program the card access reader with the authorized access devices (or bio-metric images) and when each can be used.
  • Transaction logs of where and when each card access device (or bio-metric image) was used are created and stored.

The card access devices are tamper resistant and cannot easily be duplicated, meaning that only those people you give a device to will have a device! You can immediately deny access to any device holder without having to get back the device, you don't have to re-key any locks and no one else is affected in any way.

The card access system can also auto lock and unlock your doors and auto arm and disarm your security system.

With an automated card access system, it is a matter of a few keystrokes to "turn off" a lost or stolen card and eliminate the security risk, and cost of rekeying. As well, card access systems afford other benefits, including logging of card and door activity, door alarms, and lock schedules.

They can have a guard patrol function, and can be used for general or emergency building lockdown. Most card access systems can be interfaced with video surveillance systems to allow visual card holder identification.

Card access systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and Cardac Systems has extensive experience with a wide range of brands. Let us help you find the card access system that is right for your business.