Network/Wifi Design and Deployment

We design custom network / WiFi solutions that can accommodate your current needs, while ensuring all networks are adaptable to the changing technical and user demands of your operations.

We can provide network / WiFi solutions for a variety of different types of building structures, including, but not limited to:

  • Business
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial properties
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Health care facilities

Cardac Systems Inc. ensures your solution has the right bandwidth, security and converge requirements, while ensuring best in class performance across the network.

We take a step by step approach to understanding your needs, putting a highly strategic network and WiFi plan in place, executing that strategy and ensuring that together we monitor and look for continuous improvement for the life cycle of of the solution.

  • Performance assessment and validation
  • Network accessibility
  • Hardware and network product placement
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • Wireless security monitoring
  • Wireless mobile device management
  • Scalable and adaptive
  • Monitor system performance
  • Ongoing managed services