Design/Build Services

The single most important aspect of security is a proper design, and at Cardac Systems Inc. our skilled staff has been aiding customers with system designs for 20 years.

Both new and existing spaces require a system design to provide maximum security and usability while generating the minimum possible number of false alarms.

The design process is a series of steps.

  1. Meeting with the owners & determining the system requirements including:
    • The security budget.
    • What is to be secured?
    • Who is to have access and when?
    • Special security considerations (such as a safe, a laboratory or a computer server area).
  2. System design - meeting the security requirements by:
    • Working with the architect or designer to provide input on security as an aspect of the design of the space, including layout of walls, doors, windows and other components of the space. The goal is to provide the designers with the security perspective in the final layout.
    • Non-electronic security needs, these could include door and window locking devices, strengthened doors, safe(s), barriers, signage and more.
    • Electronic security, including:
      • Security System with the appropriate panels, sensors, monitoring and response options.
      • CCTV including the appropriate cameras, lenses, mounts, recorders, switching and network interfacing.
      • Card access control including the appropriate cards, readers, locking devices, programming software, network integration options and report generation.
      • Specialty items such as a fog generator, motorized gates, and electronic turnstiles.
  3. Policy development, which deals with training and educating users to be aware of the proper use of the systems in place. This is key in ensuring both maximum security and a minimum of false alarms.